Saturday, November 18, 2017

two year acting program interview Aviona

Katie: Aviona what have been some unexpected hurdles for you while you've been training at this studio? Aviona: I think the thing I've struggled with the most is self-doubt or a fear of failure, which I never would have thought of before. I feel I've really grown over this past year, especially with not being so scared to fail, I've learned that through failing is where I have my biggest breakthroughs and that at the end of the day no is not the worst thing that you can hear. It doesn't kill you, you grow the most from it and I've grown with so much confidence. I feel like just doing the work too. Katie: How have you felt yourself change unexpectedly as an actor through this whole process? Aviona: I feel like I've not changed only as an actor but as a human being, I listen more. I actually didn't realize how much I wasn't listening or actually taking in what someone was saying. I feel I was a little bit more self-absorbed with like, "What do I want to say back to you?" I communicate better, I feel I have a deeper understanding of people too. I want to understand other people's perspectives and know how that feels too. Katie: You've trained as a dancer for 15 years, you've taken classes other places. How does Charlie compare to the other acting teachers or just teachers in general that you've had? Aviona: Charlie, like I said earlier he's that voice of truth, the thing that you don't want to hear, but you need to hear. I also really appreciate that he individualizes how he teaches all of us, I'm not going to get the same critique that someone else is going to get and he puts it through a filter that works specifically for each of us. I know personally for me I'm one of those people I learn best from someone that's a little bit more harsh with me, not to say that he's harsh with me, but he's definitely on my case more and I know I need that. Katie: He just doesn't tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear. Aviona: Exactly, right. I know with some people he approaches them in a more kinder way and because that's what they take to better. It's really nice to watch it happen in the class too and you learn also by him teaching other students and sometimes you start learning in that way as well. It rounds you out a little bit more. Katie: What would you say if someone felt after, if someone you'd study with had another class, an intensive if they said they didn't need to commit to a two-year training program, what would you say to that person? Aviona: I would say that if this is something you really take serious, if this is something you want to continue to do two years isn't that big a deal in the scheme of things. Look at all these professions, such as a doctor, look how many years they study and then they get to work. Why wouldn't we as artists, as actors, why wouldn't we approach our work with the same respect and want to grow and further our knowledge, further what our bodies can do and just be so solid and prepared to go out and work? Katie: What would you say, for you, is the single number one reason to study at Maggie Flanigan Studio instead of any other studio? Aviona: I would say, the single reason -- I honestly I like the community we have here. I feel like everyone's so supportive of each other. There's so many days that you're going to have a bad day or that you are going to be filled with so much self-doubt that you don't want to continue on. You have so many people around you and so many teachers that are just there to pick you up and there to motivate you again and get you back where you need to be and so much stronger. I think that's what I've prized most at being here. [00:04:15] [END OF AUDIO]

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