Sunday, December 17, 2017

So The Royal Court Cancelled A Play Because Of Sexual Harassment Claims But Reinstated It Because Of Censorship Claims, But It's Complicated

Let's follow the story:
A. First, the Royal Court Theatre cancelled a production of Rita, Sue, and Bob Too after the co-director stepped down in a flurry of "misconduct" allegations. (Here's that story.)
B. Then a lot of people are upset that a play by a woman was cancelled because of the bad behavior of a man (Here's that story) and/or because of the idea of censorship (here's one of those opinion pieces).
C. Now the play has been restored after artistic director Vicky Featherstone said she had "been rocked to the core by accusations of censorship and the banning of a working-class female voice."

Article source here:The Arts Journal

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